My Heart Beats To Their Gaits

The discipline or the breed, Horses are horses and my heart will always beat to their gaits.

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Equestrian Giveaway

The Tumblr community has been so kind and helpful to me I wanted to do something in return, but also honor my beloved horse (Rios mother). Tumblr has always been so quick with useful advice when it comes to horse or pretty much anything. In the past I have put up photos and videos of my horses and Tumblr has always found the answer. This is really the only way I could think of giving back. I am going to do two drawings of this.

Drawing Times-

June 9th 2013 (the 3rd anniversary of Pica Boos death)

August 5th 2012 (two weeks before I go to college)

I will probably do another on around Christmas, but Ill probably start a new post.


you do not have to be following me. Most of the people who give me advice do not follow me.

Reblog and like as many times as you want, just try to be courteous to your followers.  

I will ship internationally.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

What you will win-

(Pictures Above, with possible colors. My family owns an embroidery and screen printing company to customize your winnings)

1.) Polo wraps (horse or pony) (Blue, green, white, black and purple.)

2.) Embroider fly bonnet of your design. (Blue, purple, green, black and white)

3.) Dressage pad or all purpose pad. (Embroider) [Blue, green, black, white, (I can get purple too)].

4.) Customized show bag. (Green/grey, red/grey, black/grey and blue/grey.)

5.) Customized Sports blanket (navy blue, red, athletic grey, black, green, royal)

6.) Customized Challenger jacket (khaki, maroon, steel, black, hunter, navy, red and royal.)

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